Clara Nartey

Clara Nartey

Art is life re-imagined

I work in mixed media and textiles. Art brings me joy and relaxation.

My art journey is filled with explorations and discoveries. My fascination with color pushes me to explore its depth, breadth, intensity, mood … Yes, color is infinitely multi-dimensional and a challenge to ‘capture’ into a framed piece of artwork.

My constant quest is not to capture or confine color, but to discover how to make it dance, jump, vibrate off my artwork.

I do this by making my mark on textiles with dyes, paints, and threads. I express my ideas and emotions by giving color a voice to be heard, a beat to dance to, and a tune to sing by creating subtle and dramatic changes on fabric.

My work is primarily focused around bold colors, high contrast, and movement.

This collection represents my recent series of work with bold colors and circular shapes. I love color and this collection is a statement to that.


Clara Nartey’s Gallery