Jeanne Ciravolo

Jeanne Ciravolo

I love the way light falls on and reveals objects, landscapes and people.

As an artist I have always been keenly interested in faces and the gestures of the human form. At times I am sure I can trace this to a primitive memory of infanthood- images of a variety of smiling faces floating above my crib. I have been painting and drawing since childhood and the human form has been my lifelong subject.

I paint in a traditional style because I love the way light falls on and reveals objects, landscapes and people. I am intrigued with the physical details of a face and the hidden puzzle of a unique personality as it is revealed through observation.

I have made a lengthy study of the works of masters of portraiture such as Velasquez, Rembrandt, Sargent, Titian, Van Dyke and Hals. I know that a powerful portrait is more than a mere likeness. My traditional portraits depict not only the specific features of my subjects but also consider composition, light, texture, color, shape and line; important elements for a memorable portrait painting.

I approach painting a portrait with a reverence for the variety of human forms and personalities and a solid training in classical realist painting techniques. My aim is to create a painting which when viewed becomes a distinct moment of experience for the viewer, a family heirloom, a timeless and beautiful visual document.