Joanne Agostinelli

Joanne Agostinelli

My ambition as an artist is to find ways to share the universe as I see it.

I never fail to be enraptured by those all-too-brief moments when I spy some ephemeral miracle of light and color. It may be a momentary scintillation, shy and sublime, or a brief, gaudy explosion which illuminates all and is gone. These visions are so brief that I both rejoice in their glory and mourn their passing in an instant.

My ambition as an artist is to find ways to share the universe as I see it – as a sparkling, scintillating, ever-changing light-show. In the last few years, working primarily in pastel and colored pencil, I have been searching for new ways to use these media to express my love affair with the magical effects of light. Specifically, I have focused on the gleam and shimmer of light reflected from and refracted through water and glass.

The colored pencils grant me the ability to include the finest detail in a reflection or the sharp edge of a jeweled facet. With the pastels I can express myself in vibrant color or subtle and delicate hues to achieve the full range of prismatic effects and capture the light as it dances around and through around my transparent or translucent subjects.

Most recently I am moving the patterns in a more abstract direction, manipulating what I see into rhythms and designs that differ in subtle ways from what the eye would observe in nature.

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