Lucia Liao

Lucia Liao

I am attracted to the beauty of human form and the stories behind

I am always attracted to the beauty of human form and the stories behind. Human, the most familiar subject, has been well depicted by many masters in art history; I can’t find other subjects more interesting than that for my artistic endeavor.

Each individual is a unique creation and we are beautiful in our own ways.  My specialties are portraits and figures in oil painting and charcoal drawing.  With the right lighting, composition and rendition, I try to bring out the best features of each person in my artwork.

In my Hometown series which is also my MFA thesis, I relived my childhood memories and made them alive on canvas.  Through each painting, I have drawn out many virtues of my hometown folks; such as hardworking, dignity, caring, simple pleasure and happiness.  In my next, American Life series, I am painting my friends, neighbors, colleagues and their children, capturing the beautiful moment of their loving relationships on canvas.

My favorite artists are Millet, Vermeer, Repin and HongNian Zhang, a contemporary artist.  I live with my husband, George, and our dog, Jackie, in South Windsor, Connecticut.

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