Patricia Louise Corbett

Patricia Louise Corbett

There is the ultimate thrill of seeing that truth defined on the canvas motivated by all the beauty.

As an oil painter, it is with pleasure that each day I can discover compositions that capture the everyday fantasmagoria I see and is always present but rarely seen. For example when I am driving down the Merritt Parkway stopping to look at the bridges and the beautiful trees I can deduce something that is truly there!

And then there is the ultimate thrill of seeing that truth defined on the canvas motivated by all the beauty. The more I paint the more it seems to surround me, whether in the New England wintery blanketed snow scenes, the rugged, west where I was born or being enriched by the tropical vistas in Puerto Rico and gaining an appreciation for the changes in its oceanic splendor of color or the multi-greens in the rain-forests.

Last but not least, having a daughter and granddaughters in Paris, France has given me the opportunity to not only spend time with them, but also to study at the Academie du Chaumier.

The best of all possible worlds is to express life through art!

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