CWA Membership Info

CWA Membership Information

CWA member is an elected membership. Women artists are eligible to become members in two ways. The first is to be accepted into two CWA Open Juried Exhibitions and the second is to prepare and present a separate Portfolio Review. Details on the Portfolio Review are available at the end of membership information. Member dues of $40 per year are to be paid between November of the current year and the last day of March of the next year.  CWA membership dues are used to help defray the costs of CWA exhibits, events, and the two CWA High School Art Portfolio Awards.

CWA Membership Benefits Include

Annual Members Juried Show

All members in good standing can submit work to our Members Juried Show. The location of the show varies and top galleries and museums that have sufficient space for our shows are selected. We select prominent and highly qualified women from the field of visual arts to be our jurors.

Our Annual Meeting

Once a year, all members are invited to come together for an annual meeting and enjoy the camaraderie with other members.  The organization’s officers bring the group up-to-date on important happenings and future shows and projects. More importantly we all have the opportunity to network with each other and share ideas. The election of Officers is held every two years at this meeting. These get-togethers may also include an ‘art swap’ where members can bring one of their small works to swap with another artist in a sort of art ‘grab bag’. A good time is always had by all!

The Chance to Get Involved!

The CWA Council, the governing body of CWA, consists of the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chair, as well as members-at-large which includes the CWA Web Master and eight other members. This dedicated group meets once a month to discuss the organization’s needs and upcoming events and exhibits. It is a wonderful learning opportunity to experience first-hand the inner workings of our organization.

The extent to which you want to participate is entirely up to you. You can ‘dip your toes in’ to get a sense of our mission or jump in for total immersion in this uniquely talented, long established organization of women artists. The opportunities presented by being in such a lively creative group are endless and only limited by your imagination. There are so many ways to participate.  Much of the work to keep everything running smoothly is done behind the scenes.  Volunteers are needed for the various committees such as advertising, media, receptions, and organizing the particulars for our exhibits and events and especially at show openings. Contact the CWA President if you are interested in becoming a Council or committee member.

Membership Has its Perks

Nancy Whitcher, artist extraordinaire and current president, sends all current members a monthly email newsletter packed with so much exciting and useful information. You’ll be kept up to date about all that is going on in the organization as well as upcoming events. Information about the current show and preparations for those still in the works are discussed. Nancy also generously takes the time to ferret out pertinent information about other gallery events, show openings, awards given to members, media kudos, field trips to take, possible art residency locations, and other online events to expand your own artistic interests.

CWA members come from the four corners of Connecticut. Many of our artists have never met each other. The newsletter announces a date for an informal gathering for members to get acquainted at a chose location with a relaxed atmosphere.

Another special perk comes from our Membership Chair, Lucia Lao, who has created an innovative google mapping service online for members to find each other and perhaps to more easily carpool to events, gatherings or show openings! No one has to drive alone in the dark anymore to get to a meeting or exhibit! It’s quite an achievement and pretty unique to CWA!

CWA also hosts an awesome Facebook page listing members’ classes and workshops, shows they are in, exhibits that are opening, awards received and other media press.

Won’t you come and join us in our ventures to beautify the world we live in, express your talents and meet new friends?

Be part of an amazing organization of women artist

There is also an annual CWA Council Show for the Council Members held in a prominent gallery in state.  All women artists residing in Connecticut are eligible to become members of the Council. If an elected member moves out of Connecticut and continues to pay their yearly dues their CWA membership will be maintained.

How to become a Member?*

All women artists residing in Connecticut are eligible to become members after being accepted in two Open Juried Exhibitions or by Portfolio Review. See more information about becoming an Elected Member below.

How To Become an Elected Member

All CWA membership is referred to as elected membership because it grants membership when an artist is either accepted into two CWA Open-Juried shows or through a Portfolio Review which occurs once a year in September for new members.

Click Here for Details to Obtain Membership Through Portfolio Review