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Connecticut Women Artists 2021 Members' Juried Show

Exhibiting Artists

Juror's Statement

Christine Acebo, Last Tram out of Alfama

Jacqueline Allen, Corona Madonna

Lindsay Behrens, Hibiscus

Rosemary Benivegna, Triptych Intertwined 4,5,6

Shelby Bonomo, Scars

Diane Brown, The Kings Ransom

Mary Burk Smith, Crossing Moon

Diane Cadrain, Sand Ripples with Golden Pebbles

Eileen Carey, On Exhibition

Eileen Carey, Interactions

Polly Castor, Discernment

Kay Clarke, Helen's MT. Laurel

Anne Coffey, The Breathings of My Heart

Amy Conover, Pink Chinoiserie, Brussels

Amy Conover, Wing and Wicker

Cynthia Cooper, hither and yon

Patricia Corbett, Litany Of Trees

Rosemary Cotnoir, Crossroads

Pauletta De Lucia, The 3 Characteristics of Existence: #1 Anatta/Non-Self

Carol DeBerry, Happy Blue

Carol DeBerry, Late Sunset, I-10 Driving West

Peggy Dembicer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Peggy Dembicer, Confetti Collaboration

Kathleen DeMeo, Reflective Mood

Linda Boisvert DeStefanis, Oceanside Beauty

Carol Dixon, Hosta Leaves

Anne Doris-Eisner, Wind At My Back

Gina Dunlap, Sheltered

Andrea Fenn, The Beginning

Andrea Fenn, No Day at the Beach

Veronique Fournier-Wynne, Harvest at the Abbey

Denise Gaffney Hartz, Vapor

Susan Goldberg, The Demonstration

Deborah Greco, Verdant Marsh

Ann Hodgdon-Cyr, Woe MAN

Marianne Holtermann, Fall Reflections

Renee Hughes, Expanded Awareness

Joan Jardine, Wetlands

Dian Kingsbury, It is a Circus

Marcy LaBella, This Life on Hold

Kassandra Leiva, Alma de Mar Pacífico

Kassandra Leiva, Trinkets

Janet Leombruni, Cheshire Cats--Ghosted!

Suzanne Levy, Trees Gold with Grey

Molly MCDonald, Ocean Children

Sharon Morgio, Royal

Julie O'Connor, Presence & Absence

Nancy Oates, Bread Line

Mallorie Ostrowitz, Bologna Fashion

Michelle Peterson, Collage with Parakeets

"It was an honor to jury the 2021 CT Woman Artists’ exhibit this year. It’s difficult to jury a digital show but, I start by choosing work that I think is strong. That means work that is not only technically adept but pieces in which the subject matter and technique work well together. These are the pieces that make you stop and look again. Handling of the medium makes a big first impression, as do the old standbys of composition, design, and subject matter. A new take on an old subject is always intriguing also. Congratulations to all the artists who are in this exhibit for their outstanding work."


Roxanne Stachalek, Executive Director of West Hartford Art League

Exhibiting Artists

Margaret A. Phillips, Leaning Lady

Rae Robinson, Salome

Donna May Robinson-Pellittieri, Angelina

Ann Rosebrooks, Ode to Joy

Barbara Rossitto, Chester Al Fresco

Julie Schnatz Rybeck, Song For MSR

Sarah Schneiderman, Risky Landing/Polluted Waters

Kimberley Scoble, Oregon Coast

Kimberley Scoble, Wild Waaves

Elizabeth Scott, Beach Trees, Madison

Roberta Shea, Transcience

Roberta Shea, Down By The River

Katherine Simmons, Musings on a Reflection

Katherine Simmons, Constraints

Victoria Sivigny, Palimpsest No. 9

Paula Smith, Repurposed Woodland

Catherine Smith, Herd Immunity

Kathleen Smits, Winter Into Spring

Barbara Solomon, Rising Woman Taking Flight

Marjorie Sopkin, Finding Gold

Georgia Stathoulas, Jestina

Kelly Taylor, Mystical Memories

Carol Taylor, Sap Is Running

Michele Tragakiss, The Allegory of our Own Cave

Patricia Trapp, Summer Light

Cheryl Tuttle, Deep in the Forest

Janet Veenema, Florgeous

Carol Vinick, Crimson Tanager of Panama

Frances Violante, Snowy White Owl

Diane Ward, Square Dance on the Beach

Sarah Warda, Ascension

Janet Warner, The earth is not dead

June Webster, Bee Street Farm

NC Whitcher, Marks two

Jessica Zamachaj, Untitled

Virginia Zimmermann, Redondo Landing