2020 Annual Members Juried Show

Accepted Artists

Barbara Alex, Crimson Cover
Barbara Alex, Guitar Player
Jacqueline Allen, Danu in Peril
Shelby Bonomo, Dahlia
Shelby Bonomo, Solitude
Diane Brown, The Outer Limits
Mary Burk Smith, Nature’s symphony I
Mary Burk Smith, Epochal Seasons
Diane Cadrain, Sandy Neck II
Eileen Carey, Grand Central
Eileen Carey, Morning Rush
Polly Castor, Serendipity
Amy Conover, ”Insta3, #Vivace"
Cynthia Cooper, sheaf (made thing)
Peggy Dembicer, All That Glitters
Peggy Dembicer, Wax and Weave
Kathleen DeMeo, Between Day and Night
Kathleen DeMeo, Afterglow
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis, Ocean Blues
Carol Dixon, Floral Fantasy
Gina Dunlap, The Alchemist
Denise Gaffney Hartz, First Light
Denise Gaffney Hartz, Forest #1
Ellen Gaube, Malibu 14A-2g3
Ellen Gaube, Gracillaria
Joan Harvey, Second Thoughts
Ann Hodgdon-Cyr, Lost in Thought
Ann Hodgdon-Cyr, Beauty is its Only Excuse
Marianne Holtermann, The Secret Garden
Marianne Holtermann, Little Boy Exploring Canoe
Renee Hughes, Paradox of Choice
Renee Hughes, Infultrated Shapes
Joan Jardine, Portal
Joan Jardine, Parade
Jacqueline Jones, Cinema Village
Dian Kingsbury, Down Posey Lane
Dian Kingsbury, Red Barn
Marcy LaBella, A Little Bird Told Me
Marcy LaBella, Bird Song in the Scarlet Garden
Marny, Lawton, Reflections: Water's Edge
Marny Lawton, Grow Hill Farm Hampton
Patti Lizotte, Sliced Bread
Julie O’Connor, Treasure Hunt
Julie O’Connor, Neon Light Trails, Freedom Tower
Nancy Oates, Kaleidoscope
Nancy Oates, The Art Lesson
Nancy Oates, Razor Cut

Michelle Peterson, Egret Maine, Serenity
Clare Philips, Mystery WomanClare Phillips, Adoption Story
Cheryl Prevost, Obsession 1
Linda Rahm, Peart
Rae Robinson, Robinson Crusoe
Anne Rosebrooks, Desert Bloom II


Award Winners

Susan Prentice, Japanese Robe, First Place Award

Kelly Taylor, Looking Deeper, Second Place Award

Eileen Carey, Grand Central, Third Place Award

Kimberly Scobie, Seattle Dinghies, Council Award

Patti Lizotte, Sliced Bread, Juror's Award

Roberta Shea, Sap Rising, President's Award

Juror of Selection and Awards, Jean Dalton

Accepted Artists

Judith Ross, Blooming Tree

Judith Ross, Blue Bird

Barbara Rossitto Impressionist Puppy

Barbara Rossitto, A Regal Pose

Nan Runde, Waiting at the Corner of Walk and Don't Walk

Nan Runde, A Moment of Stillness

Julie Schnatz Rybeck, Imagine With Pink

Sarah Schneiderman, War Hawk

Kimberley Scoble, Ocean Tumult

Roberta Shea, A Change in Seasons

Anne Sheffield, Guardians

Patricia Frank Sher, Waters Of Babylon

Barbara Simonson, Doves Cry

Victoria Sivigny, If Walls Could Talk...#1
Victoria, Sivigny, If Walls Could Talk...#3
Phyllis Small, Kusama’s Polka Dots
Catherine Smith, I Like Nonsense
Kathleen Smits, Contemplating Democracy's Stage
Barbara Solomon, Flight of Woman Rising
Marjorie Sopkin, Double Talk
Susan Spaniol, Equipose
Georgia Stathoulas, Making Ripples

Georgia Stathoulas, Nostalgias
Kelly Taylor, Looking Deeper
Regina Thomas, The Guardian of the Shore
Regina Thomas, Garden Glory
Michele Tragakiss, Truth is a Marshmallow
Janet Veenema, Lonesome Pine
Carol Vinick, Willimantic:Sanctuary City
Carol Vinick, Culture Vulture
Kristen Walsh, Monhegan
Diane Ward, Route 8
Diane Ward, Over the River and Through the Woods
Sarah Warda, Wendy by Northlight
Sarah Warda, Faye
June Webster, The Fashion District
NC Whitcher, Red
NC Whitcher, Summer
Jessica Zamachaj, Humanity
Anna Zatorski, Serenity
Virginia Zimmermann, Between
Virginia Zimmermann, Redondo Landing


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