Andi Pepper - Featured Artist

Expression, whether intentional or by discovery, takes you through twists and turns to a place you never thought possible. Influenced by nature, the force to keep looking at something then defining it is a never-ending goal which is always intriguing.

I have been painting and designing my whole life. A graduate of Moore College of Art, Drexel University for Design, I have done a residency at the Vermont Studio Center and taken classes at The Art Student League. It was an honor studying under Wolf Kahn and Rhett Sturman also David Dunlop.

I am also a hotel designer for the past 30 years, which allows me to customize furniture design, use space as sculpture, and work with color.



Credits for the home page Upcoming and Current Events images:

L to R: Carol Zamcheck, Three Birds, alabaster sculpture; Diane Brown, Loop-dee-Loop, oil & cold wax painting;  Linda DeStefanis, Delayed Departure, oil on canvas painting

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