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Connecticut Women Artists 2020 National Open Juried Exhibition

Exhibiting Artists

Christine, Acebo, And Then I Ate Them

Pam Ackley, Emilia Grace

Pam Ackley, Winter

Margaret Bayalis, Between the Lines

Margaret Bayalis, Emerging

Brenda L. Bechtel, Cherished

Shelby Bonomo, 2020

Diane Brown, Blue & Yellow Series #5

Mary Burk Smith, Earth Series I

Mary Burk Smith, Warrior IX

Diane Cadrain, Sandy Neck II

Joanna Case, Scored Saggar Fired Pot

Joanna Cistulli, Bouquet of Love

Sharon Coffin, Coastal Series #1

Cynthia Cooper, Cascade

Patricia Corbett, The Blue Atlas

Mary Helen, Davis Dana in Winter

Pauletta De Lucia, Golden Eyes

Linda Boisvert DeStefanis, View Aloft

Gina Dunlap, Girl with a Green Scarf

Samantha Dziubek, You Won't See Me Fall Apart

Veronique Fournier-Wynne, Flower Lady

Diane Francis, Roman Forum

Denise Gaffney Hartz, Deep End

Denise Gaffney Hartz, Fossil Record

Ellen Gaube, MB 6

Teri Glassman, Ocean View

Susan Goldberg, Power Lines

Susan Goldberg, Mom's Chair

Susan Goldberg, Oak Tree

Nancy L. Greco, Wrapped Ponies

Annie Hayami, Mother and Son

Marianne Holtermann, The Little Washer Woman

Renee Hughes, We're All in it Together

Krista Johnson The Boys

Jacqueline Jones, Village Cinema

Hannah Jung, Blue Dream I

Elaine Juska Joseph, Comforting Arms

Rebecca Keller, Bangalore

Dian Kingsbury, Dangerously Cute Bobcat

Suzanne Kirschner, Silver Fish

Candace Klein, You

Tracy Klinesteker, Martini on the Rocks

Julianna Kristoff, Badlands at Dusk

Marcy LaBella, Far Away

Marcy LaBella, Il Tavolo Blu

Mary Lachman, Cellular Organelles

Marny Lawton, Shadows: Leaves, Light and Air #2

Janet Leombruni, Dancing With the Stars

Janet Leombruni, The Entertainer

Judith Levins, After the Corn is Cut

Patti Lizotte, Lollipop Pile

Tiantian Ma, Jackie And A Painting
Molly Mcdonald, Birds of a Feather
Nina McKitty, Family Portrait

Janet Miller, Sunny Window
Sharon Morgio, Speechless
Sharon Morgio, Hopeful
Naomi Nevo Ben Ari, Girl

Julie O'Connor, California, Before the Gigafire

Nancy Oates, Covid Mind

Nancy Oates, Covid Garden

Nancy Oates, Truth Matters

Juror's Statement

"As I juried this exhibition, I searched for work that combines technical and aesthetic development with a memorable image, a specific message, or a particular insight into the historic nature of 2020. I put together an exhibit that highlights the vibrancy of Connecticut Women Artists as a whole and celebrates the many ways art can transcend genres and help us to see the world anew. This exhibit provides a bright and hopeful note during this difficult time. I salute all the artists who submitted, including but not limited to the artists whose works are shown here. Thank you all for making your art and sharing it with the world.


Making art strengthens one’s sense of agency and action. The process slows us down, helps us to see with greater precision, and fortifies our critical thinking — as well as our intuitive senses. This experiential “toolkit” of our art process serves us well in life. Whether you are new to art or have been honing your vision for decades, I wish you a healthy year of art viewing and art-making. I hope you continue to be curious and adventurous as an artist. Perhaps art will help us rebuild our fractured world. As frightening and uncertain as these times can be, I trust artists to continue to nourish humanity by providing spaces for ambiguity, beauty, power, and courage."


Carol Padberg, MFA

Founder and Director, Nomad MFA, Hartford Art School 

Exhibiting Artists

Mallorie Ostrowitz, Window with Painted Shutter

Linda Peduzzi, Evening Blue

Andi Pepper, Decanted Roses

Liane Philpotts, Short Supply

Joy Rademacher, I Met Her on Zoom
 Lynda Regina, Some Like It Hot

Lynda Regina, Opening Act

Ann Rosebrooks, Peaceful Protest

Ann Rosebrooks, Let Freedom Ring

Grace Scharr McEnaney, Uncertainty

Julie Schnatz Rybeck, Kite Sky Series

Sarah Schneiderman, Name Something Yellow #10 (Daffodil)

Sarah Schneiderman, Sustainable Seafood: Don't Eat the Queen Parrotfish

Kimberley Scoble, Lazing

Kimberley Scoble, Midday Dinghies

Elizabeth Scott Early Summer, Lockwood Farm
Kara Simmers, Glacier's Journey Above Tíoochí Áayi

Victoria Sivigny, Palimpsest No. 18

Catherine Smith, The Joy of the Ride

Barbara Solomon, Woman Taking Flight

Marjorie Sopkin, The Lucky Ones Jessica Sperry, City Parks

Jessica Sperry, Cathedral Pile

Suzanne Starr, Best Friend

Suzanne Starr, Best Buddies

Georgia Stathoulas, Fluffy’s Dream Barn Caitlin Sweet, Fire

Patricia Tanger, Tracks

Kelly Taylor, Angles and Lines No. 2

Michele Tragakiss, Rabbit Hole

Claudia Van Nes, Flower Power

Frances Violante, Awakening

Diane Ward, See the Forest?

Sarah Warda, By The Southeast Lighthouse, BI

Janet Warner, The World as We Use to Know it

NC Whitcher, Fall

Karin Forde Whittemore, Threshold

Karin Forde Whittemore, The Quietude of the Cottage Closet

Linda Staphos Wosczyna, The Notorious RBG Collar

Jane Wright Wolf, Sealing Wax Palm: Intersection of the Culm