Members' Gallery Submissions

About the curated Members' Gallery

The curated Members' Gallery presents one representative work from each participating artist in a group online gallery. A new Members' Gallery is curated annually in January and the prior years' Members' Galleries remain on the site for a few years. The new presentation format considers how the artwork images appear as a group and how the images visually flow in sequence; therefore, we ask that each member submits four to five images of their artwork for the gallery. One image from each member's group of images is selected to appear in the Members' Gallery on the CWA website.


Submission Dates

Members in good standing are invited to submit work during the entire month of January each year.


  • During the month of January, email a minimum of 4 to 5 of your artwork images to the Content Manager. Name the JPEG file with your name, the title of the work, and the medium of the work (exactly as described below) and do not include sizes or prices. One image out of your group of images will be chosen to appear in the gallery. Do not include any images currently appearing on any other pages of the CWA website or in last year's Members' Gallery or they will not be considered for inclusion in the 2023 curated Members' Gallery.

  • SIZING FILES: Size your files to the following specifications: 300 PPI (pixels per inch)/1500 pixels on the shortest edge in JPEG file format. Get help photographing your work if you need it. Submissions with sub-optimal resolution and/or focus may be excluded from publishing.

  • NAMING FILES: Due to the hundreds of files we receive and must keep organized, JPEG files must be named exactly as follows with your first name and last name, image title, and medium. Type the filename in upper and lower case with spaces and commas. (example: FirstName Lastname, Title, Medium.jpg). JPEG files must be named on the file attachment itself and not in your email. Do not include sizes, prices or any other information when you name the files. Do not include watermarks on your images. No TIFF files will be accepted. Please get assistance with naming files if you need to. Watch the YouTube videos, Mac Bascis: How to Rename Your Files or How to Rename Files and Folders on a Mac or How to Rename a file in Windows 10 or How to Rename files on iPhone depending on the device you are using.

  • Proofread your material before sending it. The Content Manager will do only minimal copy-editing for typographical and grammatical errors.

  • Use the heading: Curated Members' Gallery in the subject line of your email.

Important Submission Guidelines

  • Only members in good standing are eligible for inclusion in the current year's curated Members' Gallery.

  • CWA reserves the right to exclude any submission from consideration and publication if the submission does not meet CWA's publishing standards which may be updated from time to time.

  • By submitting your artwork images for publication on the CWA website, you agree to CWA's use of your images throughout CWA's website on any page and for any length of time and understand that images may appear cropped from their original proportions. If you no longer wish your name or images to be used on the website, it is your responsibility to contact the Content Manager or Connecticut Women Artists, Inc.

  • We will exclude submissions with a sub-optimal resolution, sub-optimal focus, or reflections from glass/plexiglass. The member will be notified via email and asked to re-submit or substitute images at a higher resolution and without reflections. The specifications and standards of the files we consider for publishing on the website differ from files typically sent out for selection for a juried exhibition.

  • A new Members' Gallery is curated annually in January. Once the gallery is published in February, we will not be able to accommodate updates (i.e., switching out images, adding images.) We encourage members to submit work yearly from January 1 through January 31. 


Artists who submit their artwork images for publication on the Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. website (the Service) agree to the use of their images and name throughout the Service on any page and for any length of time and understand that images may appear cropped from their original proportions. Artists who no longer wish their name or images to be used on the Service, bear the sole responsibility to contact Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents of the Service. Read the full Disclaimer on the Disclaimer page.