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Hooey Mountain
Featured Artist working With Photography and Mixed Media

My work for the last four years has focused on winter photography, specifically images of my vintage toy skier collection from the 1930s shot in the mountains in real snow and a series of groomed snow images; both were used to create mixed media work. All the individual photos have been shot on location in the mountains and NOT edited to appear so. While the toys are vintage, all my work is presented in a contemporary format. I use framing, perspective, and depth of field to bring my images or abstractions to life while celebrating the beauty of the landscape, all with a wink of whimsy. At first glance, you don’t realize what you are seeing because of how I

set up the shot, so there’s an unfolding in how you experience the art. Each piece begs the viewer to look closer and then reveals a story. Through photography and mixed media, I create a visual sense of movement where none exists in both figurative and non-figurative work. I love working at the intersection of time and nature and forcing the viewer to question what is real. I am constantly exploring the landscape, examining the environment and the details that mimic what I feel at that moment, and then bringing that to life. Time spent in the snowy mountains brings me joy and inner peace and reminds me that I am just a small part of a much larger plan.

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