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Diana Rogers, Great Cedar Wetlands, Pastel.jpg

Volunteer With CWA

Diana Rogers, Great Cedars Wetlands, Pastel

The Four Top Benefits of Serving as a Member Volunteer

  • Meet and bond with other women artists from within the CWA artists' community, and develop valuable contacts and lasting, genuine friendships.


  • Find fulfillment in serving on CWA's governing board, its Council, with other highly skilled professionals, or as an assistant to the Council in an essential capacity, or as a specialty volunteer during exhibitions.

  • Advance your art career and learn new skills while utilizing your professional skills.


  • Increase your firsthand knowledge of Connecticut's various prestigious galleries, museums, and exhibition venues.

Working on the production and publicity of art exhibitions, photographing or videotaping exhibitions, and serving on or assisting the Council are some areas that may require CWA member volunteers. Many opportunities exist to participate in this uniquely talented, long-established organization of professional women artists. Serving as a volunteer with CWA allows members to gain valuable and fulfilling experience within our art organization, network with other accomplished members, and utilize their skills to benefit the CWA arts community. Reach out to the President, and let her know what areas you are interested in working on or what skills you have that CWA may need. We are always interested in hearing from you. Click on the link below to submit an inquiry form.

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