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Marjorie Sopkin, Double Talk, Acrylic on paper.jpg

How To Become A Member
of Connecticut Women Artists

Marjorie Sopkin, Double Talk, Acrylic on Paper

Apply For Membership August 1 through August 31, 2024

Women artists residing in Connecticut are eligible to become elected members one of two ways: By application to and acceptance by the Portfolio Review Committee, which solicits representative work from artists considered for membership, or by being accepted into two CWA Annual National Open Juried Exhibitions. Submissions begin on August 1. The deadline for receipt of all submissions is August 31 each year. 

Each year, CWA invites women artists to submit a portfolio of work and supporting materials for consideration for membership. The Annual Portfolio Review is a juried process during which CWA Council Members anonymously consider your work for acceptance to membership. All fine art media are acceptable, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, collage, fiber art, and applied arts (when presented as fine art).


Submission Information Calendar

JUNE - Look for detailed submission information during the first few weeks of June, 2024.

AUGUST 1-31 - The Annual Portfolio Review new member candidate submission period runs the entire month of August.

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER - Accepted candidates for elected membership are announced between September and mid-October. 


Questions for Membership

Any additional questions regarding membership may be submitted to CWA's membership chair via email by clicking the button. Please allow five business days for your questions to be answered.

About the Election of Members

Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. Bylaws

ARTICLE IV - Members, Section 2

"Election of Members. A woman artist who has participated in at least two (2) Open Juried Exhibitions of the Corporation is elected to membership in Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. In addition, a woman artist whose application has been approved by a majority vote of the Slide Review Committee* is elected to membership in Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. The Open Juried Exhibition is presented annually. All women artists working in the visual arts (e.g., paintings, sculpture, graphics, etc.) as specified in theses Bylaws are eligible to apply for participation in the Exhibition. The Slide Review Committee* which shall be constituted of the council members and the Chair meets with the council members and votes on the slide submissions every one or two years at the discretion of the Committee. "

*Now called the Portfolio Review Committee

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