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Elizabeth Hundt Scott, Beach Trees Madison, Pastel

How To Become A Member
of Connecticut Women Artists

Apply For Membership August 1 through August 31, 2023

Women artists residing in Connecticut are eligible to become elected members one of two ways: By application to and acceptance by the Portfolio Review Committee, which solicits representative work from artists considered for membership, or by being accepted into two CWA Annual National Open Juried Exhibitions. Submissions begin on August 1. The deadline for receipt of all submissions is August 31 each year. 

Each year, CWA invites women artists to submit a portfolio of work and supporting materials for consideration for membership. The Annual Portfolio Review is a juried process during which CWA Council Members anonymously consider your work for acceptance to membership. All fine art media are acceptable, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, collage, fiber art, and applied arts (when presented as fine art).


The Portfolio Review Committee will not consider incomplete submissions or substandard photo-quality portfolio images. Candidates will be notified by email to the address provided on the online submission form below. Accepted candidates for elected membership are announced between September and mid-October.

Apply for Membership
August 1 through August 31
through the Annual Portfolio Review Committee

Women artists residing in Connecticut may apply by filling out the form below. Provide all of the information requested and submit the $25.00 application fee online at checkout. The committee will only consider complete applications.

Upload the following materials for consideration:
1. Portfolio. Submit a body of five cohesive works in JPEG file format. The name of each file should be in the following format: First name, Last name, Title, Medium, Size. Images should be sized at 1920 pixels on the longest side, at 72 dpi. Artists should photograph the works without a frame.

2. Resume. The resume is limited to one page highlighting your significant achievements. If you have a website or artist's Instagram page, it is important to add the address/URL to your resume. Use a PDF file format. Name your file: First Name, Last Name, Resume.

3. Answers to the following questions about your work. The Committee would like you to answer the following specific questions: a. What is the focus of your work? b. What do you consider to be your strengths in your work? c. What are the influences on your work? Use one hundred words or less for each question. Use a PDF file format. Name your file: First Name, Last Name, Artist Statement

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

All fields are required to process your payment. Apply beginning August 1through August 31.

Submit the form and pay the Portfolio Review/Application Fee of $25

online at checkout. You will be re-directed to PayPal secure payments. You do not need a PayPal account.

Apply for Membership
August 1 through August 31 After Acceptance Into Two CWA National Exhibitions

Women artists residing in Connecticut are eligible for membership after acceptance into two CWA Annual National Open Juried Exhibitions. Apply by filling out the form below and providing the information requested. No application fee is necessary to apply. After applying for membership, completing the form below, and submitting your annual membership dues, CWA will update the online membership directory with your name. Dues are due January 1 each year, but if paid sooner, the new member can attend CWA's Annual Meeting, any Art Chat live stream events, and receive CWA newsletters.

If you have been accepted into two of CWA's National Open Juried Exhibitions, provide the dates, exhibition venues, and titles of the accepted works.

Thanks for submitting!

About the Election of Members

Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. Bylaws

ARTICLE IV - Members, Section 2

"Election of Members. A woman artist who has participated in at least two (2) Open Juried Exhibitions of the Corporation is elected to membership in Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. In addition, a woman artist whose application has been approved by a majority vote of the Slide Review Committee* is elected to membership in Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. The Open Juried Exhibition is presented annually. All women artists working in the visual arts (e.g., paintings, sculpture, graphics, etc.) as specified in theses Bylaws are eligible to apply for participation in the Exhibition. The Slide Review Committee* which shall be constituted of the council members and the Chair meets with the council members and votes on the slide submissions every one or two years at the discretion of the Committee. "

*Now called the Portfolio Review Committee

Questions for Membership

Any additional questions regarding membership may be submitted to CWA's membership chair via email by clicking the button. Please allow five business days for your questions to be answered.

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