The History of Connecticut Women Artists, Inc.

2019 is the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Society of Women Painters and Sculptors of Hartford group, later becoming Connecticut Women Artists.


In 1928, the Director of the Wadsworth Atheneum, A. Everett “Chick” Austin, age 28,  invited two local women to start an organization for women artists, promising them space for an annual exhibition at the Atheneum. In 1910, the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts had begun presenting annual juried exhibitions at the Atheneum. A few women were participating in the shows, but the organization was run primarily by men.

The two women were Jessie S. Goodwin Preston (1879-1973) and Helen Townson Stimpson (1886-1977). Preston and Stimpson were good friends, professionally trained artists, and prominent members of Hartford social and artistic circles. Both had been early members of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts. While the modernist Austin may not have fully appreciated their more academic and conservative approach to painting, he felt that women artists should have an equal chance to exhibit their work.

“If the show is successful, it is planned to make the Women’s Exhibition a yearly event."

Hartford Courant, April 5, 1929

Preston and Stimpson quickly went to work, putting together the Society. Prosperous Hartford had a large pool of professionally trained women artists from which to draw and the first exhibition was announced in the Hartford Courant on April 5, 1929. The article stated, “If the show is successful, it is planned to make the Women’s Exhibition a yearly event. Hartford boasts a group of highly talented and capable women artists . . . This, however, is the first time the women painters have struck out for themselves, and the experiment should be an interesting one.The exhibition consisted of 52 works by 20 artists ranging in age from 28 to 69.  The warmly received exhibition was so successful that the fledgling society flourished. By 1940 40 members were presenting 135 works in the annual show. Many of the participants in the 1929 show were still active in the organization and exhibited in the annual shows well into the 1950s.

The 20 Participants in the 1929 First Show

Ruth Edwina Abbey (1883-1960)

Muriel Alvord (Ward) (1900-1960)

Evelyn Longman Batchelder (1874-1954)

Germain Rouget Cheruy (1896-1980)

Ruth Merriam Cogswell (1887-1951)

Margaret Miles Cooper (1874-1965)

Mabel Bacon Plimpton English ((1861-1944)

Ruth Goldie (1901-1948)

Dorothy Alden Hapgood (1892-1973)

Carolyn Sarah Horsfall (1901-1988)

Maud Nottingham Monnier (1876-1932)

Clara Mamre Norton (1873-1941)

Jessie Goodwin Preston (1879-1973)

Edith Briscoe Stevens (1898-1931)

Helen Townsend Stimpson (1886-1977)

Eleanor Stoll (1885-1979)

Frances Hudson Storrs (1860-1945)

Inez Temple (1880-1945)

Cornelia Cowles Vetter (1881-1958)

Grace Chamberlain Vibberts (1878-1945)

In addition, two influential founders who joined for the second show were Edith Dale Monson (1875-1977), and Katherine Seymour Day (1870-1964).

Presidents from 1929 to the Present

Helen Townson Stimpson, 1929-1936

Helen D. Perkins, 1954

Madeline Elder. 1960

Mrs. Richard O. Morgan, 1964

Beulah B. Rathbone, 1965

Constance Moss, 1966-1968

Lillijean Metcalf, 1969-1971

Janet Kline, 1971

Mary Dwight Gregory, 1972

Ceil Hynes, 1971-1974

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Vincenza Uccello, 1974-1976

Margot Rosenthal, 1977-1978

Mollie Borstein, 1979

Jean Dalton, 1981-1984

Barbara Solomon, 1984-1985

June Linton, 1985-1988

Carmela Venti, 1989-1991

Diane Ursin, 1991-1992

Penny Weinstein, 1992-1993

Kate Colpitts, 1993-1996

June Bisantz-Evans, 1997

Carmela Venti, 1998-1999

Ellen Dougan, 1999-2000

Lindsay Aromin, 2001-2002​

Ellen Dougan, 2001-2002

Joan Coderre, 2002-2004

Joanne Agostinelli, 2004-2008

Sherri Parenteau, 2008-2011

Nancy Whitcher, 2011-2017

Linda Boisvert DeStefanis, 2017-present

Organizational Name Changes

While the names of the organization changed, the years of the annual exhibits remained continuous

and sequential denoting the same organization.

The Society of Women Painters and Sculptors of Hartford, 1929-1932

The Society of Women Painters of Hartford, 1932-1954

Hartford Society of Women Painters, Inc., 1954-1969

The Connecticut Society of Women Painters, Inc., 1969-1973

Connecticut Women Artists, Inc., 1973-present





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