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Kathleen Smits
Featured Artist Working with Digital Media

I create digital images using photographs. The method I used originated with me after I began teaching Digital Art in 2008. I experimented with all the techniques and image manipulations that I presented to students but pushed the boundaries of what technology could do for my process. I continue to explore new ways of creating digital imagery as I learn more and as the technology progresses.
I am also a landscape painter using oils and a photographer. I enjoy a diversity of media with which to explore my artistic inspirations.

The imagery that becomes part of the final digital piece is usually created by me. I create the context, textures, colors, and shapes, objects or use what I find in nature. My camera is an essential tool and one that I have been exploring for over 40 years. On occasions where I want to make a political statement, I will use imagery that resides in the public domain.  

My images make statements - sometimes - either about social issues or climate change. Sometimes they are simply an exploration of beauty with color, shape, form, movement, and textures. The process often determines the result, as images morph while I manipulate them in a composition.

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