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Lisa Helene
Featured Artist working With Acrylics

My love of art and animals goes back to my childhood. I’ve cultivated my own style which can be best described as happy and whimsical with my primary subject matter being animals, as I’m inspired & comforted by their innocence & beauty.


Colors, textures, my mood, and music all influence my art process.  I don’t usually have a plan when I begin a painting because, to me, planning isn’t fun – it’s work.  Most of the fun in creating is in turning off my brain, jumping in and seeing where I end up. My studio is filled with pieces at various stages as I wait for the pieces to guide me further.  In embracing a carefree approach, I feel more connected to what I’m creating and the joy of what I’m painting. 


I paint mainly with acrylics – they’re very malleable & forgiving which is important to me since my process is so unpredictable. My style is heavily influenced by the Disney animation and cartoons of my youth. I love the vibrant colors and how characters are defined so brilliantly from how they were drawn. It all embodied an endearing quality that was realistic and relatable yet steeped in make-believe at the same time. 


I think that one of the greatest joys of art is its power to touch people, and I paint what puts a smile in my heart with the desire of it doing the same for others. I don’t want my art to send people deep into thought; I just want them to smile and feel good.

Lisa has a degree in Fine Art and is a member of the Essex Art Association as an Elected Artist and board member, the Guilford Art League and Connecticut Women Artists. Her work has been accepted and shown in the Connecticut Women Artists, West Hartford Art League, Essex Art Association, Art League of New Britain, Guilford Art League, and Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue juried art shows. In 2022 she was awarded “Viewer’s Choice Award” at CDHR’s juried show and in 2023 an “Honorable Mention Award” at CDHR’s juried art show. She was also featured in Connecticut Horse Magazine Jan/Feb 2016 issue where she was mentioned as one of “Connecticut’s finest equine artists” and has participated in an Oakville art collective and as a member of the Clinton Art Gallery.  She’s had solo featured artist shows at the Clinton Henry Carter Hull Library, Killingworth Library, The Barrelhouse Winery, and twice at Hawk Ridge Winery. 


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