Nancy L. Greco - Featured Artist

My drawings and paintings present finely rendered figures and objects in magical backgrounds. The work explores the power of messengers to punctuate our dreams and drive our actions.

Given the age we live in, where transience and disconnect have become the norm, the focus on messengers offers a rebuttal, a proof really, that imagery cannot be tossed aside. Rather our messengers serve as anchors, unforgettable and, in combination, a rendering of the complex tapestry that constitutes our lives.


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Home page top to bottom strips - CWA Members: Sarah Warda, Morning Light, Block Island, Oil on Canvas; Linda Boisvert DeStefanis, Lotus Rising II, Oil on Canvas; NC Whitcher, High-fire Handbuilt Stone Vessel;; Carol Vinick, United We Stand, Fabric Collage

Home page left to right / top to bottom repeaters - CWA members: Clara Nartey, I Heart My Puffs, Threads on Cotton;  A recent CWA Annual National Open Juried Exhibition at the Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, Connecticut, Photo by CWA member B. Rossitto; Nan Runde, A Cup for You, Oil on Canvas

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