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Sarah Grote
Featured Artist working With Photography

The focus of my work is primarily equine photography and painting, with an additional focus on flora, fauna, and portraiture. It is a goal for me to capture a moment in time and have the viewer feel the connection or experience the moment. I am primarily self-taught in both painting and photography, and I believe that I have a unique vision of the world which I enjoy sharing. I also love to encourage others to share their creativity and artistry. Working with other artists makes dynamic creative connections that are awesome forces that create greatness and breakthroughs! Growing up outside of Boston, my parents frequently took my sister and me to libraries, museums, and music venues, and they met through music. Dad had a darkroom in our basement where he developed his black & white photos, and Mom was an art history major, so I was constantly exposed to the arts and now they make up the fiber of my being. It was only12 years ago that I was able to build up the courage to go on my artistic journey, which started with photography, then painting, and last year I wrote a book.

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