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Barbara Scavotto-Earley
Featured Artist Working with Multi Media

With a wide range of media, I translate and model the body languages and dialogues that I see and hear all around me. I perceive our world as a colossal stage, rich with a diverse thespian cast. Humankind’s expressions are brimming with variety, individuality, and mystery and embedded with a collective voice. My art explores these medleys and melodies between human form and spirit. In our sensational theater of life, every body has a story, and I listen, interpret and create.

This extravaganza of human conduct inspires and motivates me. I am fascinated. Both my sculptural and two-dimensional works communicate a dialect - usually absent of visages - as bodily postures that convey an immeasurable range of emotions. Whether working with clay, steel, mixed media, pencil, or ink, my creative process develops playfully in the present moment. Over time, a recognizable style of humans being has evolved.

As I walk the stone path to my woodsy studio, a nearby rooster crows, a bird sits upon one of many cairns, and local barn cats greet me. I gratefully enter my soul space where creativity flows optimistically, portraying the comedies and tragedies of life. There, and any place thereafter, my work invites a kinship between my cast and viewer alike. After all, my propensity for wordplay is reflected in most titles, adding an element of humor.

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