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Cynthia Cooper
Featured Artist Working in Acrylic

My work evolved when I went "off on a tangent" by introducing slight curves into the straight lines that I'd been making for a decade. The tangent curves meshed nicely with my preoccupation with using math to influence my paintings, many of which included applying brush strokes in layers of counted prime numbers. I had been exploring monotone colors, especially white-on-white, but my interest in tangents also sparked a bright new palette along with even curvier curves. I imagine my time spent exploring whites as additionally being a time of particular openness to the creative process. My breakout into colors has turned into a breakthrough in my work approach, relying less on a system of iteration and even more on color relationships and emotions.

My stubborn and oppositional nature led me to make optimistic, light-drenched, and joyful paintings, no matter what happens in the world. Because I believe in the resilience of humans, I'm determined to get through these times by making paintings that emanate hope and beauty. I'm not ignoring adverse events — rather, I'm processing the current craziness into a parade with which I hope viewers will experience right along with me. The light-drenched and joyful curves and colors in these paintings are my vocabularies for "moving in the right direction"... toward transformation. They depict an upward trajectory. They're hopeful. They're rising. They show what I want for myself and everyone.

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