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Diana Rogers
Featured Artist Working in Pastels

My work celebrates the rich diversity of New England's waterways and landscapes. I am passionate about exploring the connections between nature and the seasons of our lives. As a painter, my visual voice calls attention to the special places we need to protect from the impacts of climate change.

Color leads the way as vivid hues and energetic mark-making tell the story of nurturing places. The pastel medium with pure pigments is ideal for conveying the textures and patterns of the natural world. Each stroke of bold color captures a moment in time and the vitality of nature.
Plein air painting offers a front-row seat to the unfolding seasons and the cycle of renewal in the great outdoors. Spring and summer sprout lush greens, and autumn's blazing colors eventually fade into quiet winter hues. The resulting paintings are like candid portraits that reflect the rhythms of life across the ecosystem.

This results in vibrant paintings that encourage reciprocity and kinship with Mother Nature. During frequent walks, I slow down to get to know a quiet stream, wandering marsh, and stand of trees. As I paint, I reflect on the essence and wisdom of a place rather than only replicating what I see.


Published 06-01-24

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