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Grace McEnaney
Featured Artist Working with Watercolor

My watercolor paintings vary in subject matter, and both reflect and interpret my personal life experiences. While describing through light, form, and design, internal relationships emerge and engage through my connection to the glistening values of the watercolor medium. Unplugging my mind keeps me flowing in the river of pigment and water where visual potentiality abounds on my 300lb Arches paper. A granulated ultramarine blue wash, a crisp alizarin crimson berry edge, an indigo splatter, along with the many other watercolor pigment essences and qualities, keep me happily rooted in flow.


As a result, a painting unfolds; and whether I chose to focus on an unforgettable scene from the roadside in a small town in northern New Mexico, or a heartfelt emotion that couldn’t be expressed in words, I aim to communicate the desired set of core feelings through this timeless, evocative medium.  

My work has evolved through various iterations of illustration, design, advertising, map-making, calligraphy, and more. The harmony of my current artistic direction is energetically aligned with these past experiences and fueled by the ever-expanding universal desire for personal creative expression.

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