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Janet Veenema
Featured Artist Working with Acrylics

My art gives me the satisfaction of creating order from chaos, the mental chaos that comes from working experimentally, and not by employing a well-defined process from start to finish. I apply this approach to the abstract and representational work that I do. The outcome of each painting or mixed media piece that I create begins with a glimmer of an idea that may take minutes, hours, or months to complete. I think the mindset is essential and should remain relaxed and flexible. I enjoy the problem-solving aspects of two-dimensional art, drawing upon the foundation I received many years ago as an art education student. I am an avid reader of art books for the concepts and ideas they impart and the hours of enjoyment they provide. I believe the element of serendipity comes into play during the production of my best work. I like having choices and following my muse.

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