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Rosemary Benivegna
Featured Artist Working with Acrylic and Paper

Since 2003, I have taken drawing, pastel, and watercolor painting classes at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven and other New York and New England area workshops. In 2017 I studied with Katherine Chang Liu, a Los Angeles artist, where I changed my artistic perspective.

As an artist, my process is disciplined, intellectually challenging, and inquisitive, much as it had been in architectural practice. However, I am not obliged to follow the many requirements that were once necessary to create functioning buildings. Works are now fantasy environments and constructions that evolve from my imagination. Often, I create vivid, colorful abstract compositions from actual building groupings.

The first step in the process is to sketch out ideas, which I often change as I move forward to completion. I focus on juxtaposed, overlapping shapes, receding, and advancing in space. The use of acrylic paint and metallic paper lends well to the sharp delineation of each element. Mounting paper on foam core board for selected portions helps create a three-dimensional illusion for the observer. I am energized and made joyful by the world I create.

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