Virginia Zimmermann - Featured Artist

The reaction happens in a flash, a flicker of a synapse, a loaded moment of hesitation, and it transforms into a connection. Betwixt and between the connections lay tangible energy, which fascinates and propels me to create and interpret. This energy is fleeting, ethereal and commanding.  It is a movable feast. Genre alone is not enough, rather it is the combination of forces: a particular time of day, an atmospheric light that is just so, shapes and colors that beckon to be noted, or a figure reclining. My thought process is not linear but circular in nature. It is the vortex of these combinations, which breathes life into my body of work. I am always observing, contemplating, and interpreting the world I encounter and generating art from that meeting.


Credits for the home page Upcoming and Current Events images:

L to R: Carol Zamcheck, Three Birds, alabaster sculpture; Diane Brown, Loop-dee-Loop, oil & cold wax painting;  Linda DeStefanis, Delayed Departure, oil on canvas painting

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